As an organization, Murphy’s Meals is shooting for an annual goal of at least $25,000. We feel that this number will adequately cover emergency situations in our areas of coverage, which are as follows:

Midland Public Schools
Bullock Creek Public Schools
Meridian Public Schools
Coleman Public Schools

We are working closely with program directors and assistant superintendents to realize our goals and figure out how best to implement our ideas into each system. We’re aiming for something quick, low-key, and efficient for everyone involved.

For a quick breakdown:

  1. Sufficiently provide emergency financial aid to at-risk students so they can continue to eat as normal at school.
  2. Create and implement an invisible system that allows students to avoid ‘lunch-shaming’ by not using physical tickets/vouchers if at all possible.
  3. Efficiently coordinate between districts through configured point-of-contact sites with select officials.
  4. Publish quarterly financial reports for complete transparency.